How to set AVReporter v4.0 using another, external, existing, SQL Server

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    The default (factory) settings of MS SQL Server 2016 Express through AVReporter v4.0 Installation are the following:
    .\KONSYS .\= local pc KONSYS= SQL Instance name
    sa = SQL username
    DBmaster1234 = password.
    These factory settings are in the following files basically:
    - C:\Program Files\KONsys\AVReporter\AVR Real-time DataService\RealTime_DataService.exe.config
    - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AVRWebPublisher\web.config
    - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AVRWebPublisher\AVRHistoricalService\web.config
    If you use other SQL Server, so the SQL Server parameters are different like the factory settings, then manual modifying of these three files is needed.
    In this case, you have to set the different SQL parameters in AVReporter Desktop Manager – AVReporter settings – Main settings too.
    If you use another, existing SQL Server, you have to run AVReporter.sql script on it to create the AVREPORTER database.

    You have to run AVREPORTER.SQL script on the other(external) SQL Server to create AVREPORTER database.
    AVReporter install file contains the aspnetdb.bat file, which creates aspnetdb database. You have to modify this batch file before run, because the factory SQL settings are in.
    Or you can detach an existing default aspnetdb database, copy aspnedb.mdf, aspnetdb_log.ldf files and attach aspnetdb databaes in the other (external) SQL Server.
    After this procedure, AVREPORTER.mdf, AVREPORTER_log.ldf, aspnedb.mdf, aspnetdb_log.ldf must be exist on the other (external) SQL Server.

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