How to reinstall the AVReporter database?

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    1st step: Delete the previous database version in the SQL Management Studio
    Connect to the SQL server and select the AVRDATA database. Push the delete button or right click on the database name and click on the Delete menu item in the popup menu.
    Important: Check the "Close existing connections"


    ...and click on the OK button.

    The result is:


    2nd step: Install the new AVRDATA database
    Start the AVReporter installer and click on the '+' sign in the "SQL Server 2012 Express + database" button.

    - The easy way is that you uncheck the "Intall SQL Server 2012 Express" menu item and click on the "SQL Server 2012 Express + database" button. The database will be intalled into the KONSYS instance.


    - Custom install: Click on the "Get install files" when the Advanced settings appeared.


    Execute the AVRDATA.sql (with local timestamp indexes) or the AVRDATA_UTC (with utc timestamp indexes) in the SQL Management Studio after you connect to the target SQL server.

    The result is:

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