How to decrease the refreshing period in AVRWebpublisher

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    The refreshing function depends on two parameters:

    1. AVRWebPublisher: WEB.config file contains how often refresh the dynamic dashboard objects. (Default value is 5 seconds.)

    2. Realtime Device Manager: the quantity in the template device driver contains a „life cycle” parameter. The quantity value is valid in this period after the last communication. After this period the quantity value become invalid and the service start a new communication to the device and change the value. During the „life cycle” the DD get the same value.
      So to decrase the refreshing time you have to set a shorter lifecycle.

    In the default case the values are changing after 15 seconds.
    The lifecycle and the refreshing time of DD must be different and the lifycycle must be greater!
    Short refreshing period causes more network traffic and more CPU usages.

    Create new „lificycle type”:
    1. Open the Realtime Device Manager
    2. Right click ont he „Globals” and click on „Show advanced items”

    3. Double click ont he „Lifecycles” and create a new


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