Delete data from 4.0 database (AVREPORTER)

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    Step 1.

    Login to SQL Server Management Studio. The default login settings:
    User name: sa
    Password: DBmaster1234

    Step 2.

    Locate the Stored Procedures section inside the AVREPORTER database.


    Step 3. Create a new query and delete the data with the following scripts:

    - Delete oldest 100 days data, but keep the 15 min datastamps:

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteDataOnly_LastNDay_Keep15Min] 100

    - Delete oldest 100 days data (all):

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteDataOnly_LastNDay_All] 100

    - Delete data between dates and keep the 15 min datastamps:

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteDataOnly_BetweenDates_Keep15Min] '2016-01-01', '2017-01-01'

    - Delete all data from the given namespace, source and quantity:

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteData] N'Namespace Name', N'Source Name', N'Quantity Name'

    - Delete all data from the specified namespace:

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteData] N'Namespace Name', NULL, NULL

    - Delete all data that related to the specified quantity (in all namespace and all source):

    EXECUTE [dbo].[DeleteData] NULL, NULL, N'Current A'

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