Why not appears all of the namespaces and devices in the generated screens (tddc files)?

Discussion in 'WebPublisher' started by kovecses.balazs, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. For example:
    We added 2 gateways and 2 devices in Realtime Device Manager. We set the path of template ddc files.
    After the screen generating procedure, we copied both tddc files to the Webublisher folder:


    When we open the properties of the ddashboard to check the devices and quantities, we see only one namespace and device:
    one quantity WP.PNG

    This problem is caused by the namespace filter, which has already been set in the template ddc file.
    We have to open the template ddc file in the WebPublisher and add the neccessary namespaces in the namespace filter:
    Template DDC_namespace filter01.PNG

    Template DDC_namespace filter02.PNG

    After this procedure, the generated dashboards will show the missing namespace, device and quantity.

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