What is the meaning of Block Read property

Discussion in 'Realtime Communication' started by kovecses.balazs, May 18, 2016.

  1. Question:
    I would like your help in order I understand the usage of the "Block Read" property and which is the thinking behind the changing of its value (why 40 and not 16 or 25).

    From KONSys KnowledgeBase, we have the following:
    Block Read: Maximum number of registers read from a device per request.
    If I don't make wrong, the Gommotechnika project has 25 Quantities/device with over 40 registers.

    I'm asking you because I want to add more quantities.

    You shouldn’t change the „Block Read” property, because this value depend on the type of the meter. (This value is specified by the manufacturer)
    Anyway the reading is managed by the AVRRealtimeService.
    For example, if the „Block Read” value is 40 and the number of quantities are 30 (more than 40 registers) then the system will read it 2 or 3 blocks, so the „Block Read” doesn’t depend on the number of quantities.

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