Run-time parameters in Business Intelligence calculations?

Discussion in 'Business-Intelligence' started by SimonWest, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. SimonWest

    SimonWest New Member

    Hello, yesterday I created several cost allocation calculations for my company in Business Intelligence, however I am trying to make them a bit more dynamic. Is there any way to ask specific variable values from the users, when he runs the calculation? They find it uncomfortable to edit the constants every single time.
  2. Varga Ádám

    Varga Ádám Guest

    Hi, and welcome!
    Business Intelligence supports run-time user inputs, you just have to choose the "User Input" variable when you add them. In the software manual you can read about variable types in great detail!
    I hope it helped.
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  3. SimonWest

    SimonWest New Member

    That is exactly, what I was searching for, thank you for the fast answer!

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