How can I use the "Time period" filter in BI?

Discussion in 'Business-Intelligence' started by Nagy Ottó, May 22, 2015.

  1. Nagy Ottó

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    In the Business Intelligence modul you can filter the logged data by time period.

    1st step: Select the variable to show in RDLC report.

    2nd step: Click on the next button till the "Requisite variable" form appears.
    3rd step: Set the operand A as "Time Period"
    ... example:

    4th step: Set the operation to "between"

    5th step: Set the Operand B than the Operand A. (Example: 14:00)

    6th step: Add the requisite to the list

    7th step: Click on the Finish button and the variable appears in the list.

    After the previous 7 steps we have a variable what will contains the values from 10:00 to 14:00.

    If we create another variables that contains the daily consumption and another period we can compare the consumptions to each other.


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  2. avreporter

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    Technical question:

    "Hi Support,

    Just wondering if it is possible to include in a Business Intelligence Query, different rates for different times of the day and to separate out a single logged quantity based on the time of day?

    For example, we have a client that wishes to use a tariff for billing that has separate on peak and off peak rates. Is it possible to apply these different rates to the same quantity based on the time of day of the measurement?"
  3. avreporter

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    Yes, the above example can be used to create TOU queries.

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