Generate Screen - Questions/answers

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  1. Q.: How does AV Reporter interpret the .ddc file path which is entered into the Template Screen File Name?
    A.: You have to add the path of the base ddc file and AVReporter will generate tddc files based on this.

    Q.: Are the tddc files generated when you Save the Template Device or after the the Generate Screen process is completed?
    A.: The tddc files will be generated after the Generate Screen process.

    Q.: Which folder will contain the generated tddc files?
    A.: You have to set this folder in the Generate screen. ("Select target folder", "List of Target Folders")

    Q.: Can the name of the Job be any name and can spaces be used between words?
    A.: Yes, it can.

    Q.: The Job name is used as an Identifer for each Template creation action?
    A.: Yes.

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