Configure OPC Server Service

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  1. If the OPC Server Service needs to query too much data, it is necessary to modify the OPC Server Service settings.

    Please navigate to C:\Program Files\KONsys\AVReporter\AVROPCServerService folder and open the AVROPCServerService.exe.config file to edit.

    Please modify the OPCRefreshRate value from 10000 to 60000 (ms).


    We can specify the time of query with this settings,.

    Debug Mode

    There is a debug mode possibility. Please navigate to <setting name="DebugMode" line in this config file.

    When the Value is 0, the debug mode is off (this is the default setting).

    When the Value is 1, the system will debug the connecting process.

    When the Value is 2, the system will debug the data query.


    In debug mode, the system will generate a new debug log file in this folder.

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