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  1. Q.: Does creating a .brq report require that the Business Intelligent Module be installed or does Basic Reporter create this?
    A.: To create *.brq report files you have to use the Basic Reporter Module. Business Intelligence Module creates *.biq files.

    Q.: How to create a .brq report from Basic Reporter when Basic Reporter only saves in Excel, PDF or Word format?
    A.: The Excel , PDF and Word formats will be created by the „Export” function. There is a possibility to save the queries in Basic Reporter Module: „File” menu – „Save query”.

    Q.: Can Reports be automatically created based on a number of pre-defined parameters such as Start, Finish and Duration time: Daily Weekly, Monthly, etc.If Yes can this be achieved by Basic Reporter or does it require another module such as the Business Intelligent Module.
    A.: The saved report must be set to run scheduled automatically in AVReporter settings/ Scheduler settings. It works *.brq and *.biq files also.

    Q.: If Reports can be automatically created can they be sent automatically via email?
    A.: Yes it’s possible to send the created reports via e-mail. You can find this function in AVReporter settings/Manage Plugin modules / Mailer plugin
  2. Q.: I can’t find the export a report to a PDF, Modify Reports and Sending a Report by email methods. Could you let me know how do we generate a report to PDF, Modify Reports and Sending a Report by email.
    A.: The export PDF function works for the Business Intelligence and Basic Reporter reports, by clicking on the floppy icon, and export it the same way as in Desktop Manager. Alternatively we can export the data of our Dynamic Dashboard object by right clicking on it and selecting “Export to file”. Reports Can be sent out in e-mail in the Desktop Manager. We need to schedule an automatic report sending by creating an SMTP profile in the “additional modules”, “Mailer Plugin”. Then we schedule this Mailer plugin profile in the “AVReporter Settings” -> Scheduler Settings.
  3. Q.: Does Calculate Interval Values relate to the Data Sample Density and if so when do I use it?
    A.: Yes, they relate. When we select a density, the interval value for that time period will be calculated. For example for 1 hour density, we have 1 hour interval value. In practice we use it with the Energy counters (or any other counter), so we can calculate 1 hour of consumption, and create consumption curves by doing so.

    Q.: What is the purpose of the Start date and End date selection?
    A.: End and Start date refers to the start and end dates of the custom time period, which we can to create for the query. It is only available for custom time ranges.

    Q.: Does Calculate mean between sample relate to the Data Sample Density and if so when do I use it
    A.: Yes, it is related to the data sample density, and it is the interval, in which all valules will be averaged for a single value.

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